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The e-Parliament is now conducting most of its work on climate and energy through its
Climate Parliament subsidiary.

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 Setting Up the Climate Parliament

The new Climate Parliament website

The e-Parliament has recently set up the Climate Parliament to coordinate all its work on energy and climate change. The new body brings together legislators to work on policies such as those outlined below. 

 Together we can solve the climate problem

Build supergrids that can transport clean energy over long distances. More

Bring in cheap, reliable solar energy from thermal power stations in the desert. More

Harness wind power over a wide area for a stable supply. More

Put photovoltaic panels on rooftops and in solar farms like this one. More

Use existing dams for back-up energy to ensure reliable supply. More

Pay forest landowners for their ecosystem services. More

These six steps would enable us to switch to clean energy and save the rainforests, using tried and tested technologies and policies.

Who has the power to make it happen? The world’s parliaments. Some have already shown what can be done: by guaranteeing a good price for clean energy fed into their national grids, some parliaments have already made their countries world leaders in wind (Denmark), photovoltaic energy (Germany) and solar thermal power (Spain). Costa Rica has halted deforestation with a "payment for ecosystem services" law. But we need to move faster, spreading good ideas from country to country. The e-Parliament is linking legislators and citizens together world-wide to help solve the climate problem.

Want to know more? Click here for a paper on clean energy supergrids. See the presentations legislators are receiving in our hearings. Or browse the Legislative Toolkits on our ACT page.

Sign up to the Supergrid Initiative, to add your support for clean energy supergrids.

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24/03/10 Meeting in Limbé, Cameroon will encourage transition to renewable energy

24/03/10 Publication of Model Terms of Reference for Forest Ecosystem Services in Spanish

02/03/10 New toolkit: Model Terms of Reference for Forest Ecosystem Services

18/11 Island legislators agree to form regional networks to promote renewables

03/11/09 Legislators gather in Vanuatu for ACP hearing